Hear from our athletes.

We are so glad that you want to try water polo. Try us out for up to two free sessions. We work with you to select the best location depending on the age and swimming ability of the child.


  1. Complete our Shadow Water Polo Club Trial Form. We will be in touch with you to coordinate a date and time and provide further direction. Please ensure to provide details on your child’s swimming experience. This will ensure that they are placed in the right trial program.
  2. If trying us out at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, TPASC form must be completed.
  3. In order to try us out, you must register with Water Polo Canada and complete this form before your child attends the session. The child cannot enter the pool unless the form is completed.
    For detailed instructions click here.
    When you get to Division, select Free Trial Short Term Members.
    Once you complete this form you have 14 consecutive calendar days in which to try us out two times for free. 
  4. During the 2 trial sessions, the child is evaluated by one of our coaches to determine the appropriate level and schedule should your child wish to join the Club.

Before trying us out, read about our Programs

Important links for the pool outlining where to park, arrival times, etc:  TPASC GUIDELINES     |     LAURIER GUIDELINES