Board Of Directors

Wendy Wright - President
Dusan Lazarevic - Vice President
Andrea Webster - Marketing & Communications Manager
Dragan Veljko - Team Manager
Erik Woods - Tournament Coordinator
Francis Gross - Technical Director, Head Coach
Gail Seymour - Team Trainer
Igor Sapznikov - Team Physical Therapist Adviser
Moataz Salem - Team Manager
Raoul Basca - Treasurer
Virgilia Groza - Team Manager
Vlad Novak - Coach

Team Managers

Our Team Managers are hardworking parent volunteers. They take care of tournament details. This includes organizing food and accommodation. They collect and manage tournament fees. For questions about Tournament Account balances or tournament details, contact your Team Manager. Tournament details are provided to members via the TeamSnap app.

U15+U17 Boys

Dragan Veljko


U13 Coed+U15 Boys+U17 Boys

Moataz Salem

U19 Boys

Virgilia Groza

U17 Girls

Erin Cleyndert

U13 Coed+U15 Girls

Laura Geary

U13 Coed+U15 Girls

Stephanie Dolejsi