Recreational & Competitive Programs

Our Recreational and Competitive Programs are designed to meet the interests and abilities of the children. Participation can range from one to six practices a week. Invitation to the Competitive Program depends on many factors that are discussed with parents and determined by our capable coaching staff. Our programs run 12 months of the year: Fall (September to December) / Winter (January to TBSB March Break) / Spring (After TDSB March Break to June) / Summer (July to August)


SWIM & PLAY BALL: Learn to swim and play with a ball in the water in this entry-level program. No experience required. Learn more.

MINI WATER POLO: Children improve their swimming skills and learn basics of water polo, all while in the deep end of the pool. No experience required. Learn more.

SCHOOL / VARSITY: For water polo players who want to play recreationally. Experience required. Learn More.


PRE-COMPETITIVE: Increase abilities in swimming and water polo in this entry-level competitive program. Strong swimming skills are required. Learn more.

COMPETITIVE: Develop as an athlete as you excel in swimming and water polo skills. Experience required. Learn more.

HIGH PERFORMANCE: Develop champion skills and mentality in this invitation-only program. Experience required. Learn more.