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HabaWaba Day 2

We are having a great time here at HabaWaba in Montreal!

The opening ceremony show last night was a lot of fun and our athletes and families had a blast dancing up a storm and taking pictures in the photobooth.

Today our teams worked hard and played hard!

Our U14 won against Pittsburgh 9-3 first thing this morning. They lost to Chaos 3-7 in their afternoon game.

Our U12s had an early win this morning with a game against St Lambert with a score of 15-3. They followed that game with a win against Taiwan with a score of 11-1. Following a very warm and sunny afternoon spent resting in the park they played against CASO in the afternoon and won the game 5-3.

Our U10s have been playing against the other U10 team from Princeton so today they mixed the teams up for fun. They had a lot of fun playing with kids from the USA. They ended up a little tired…

Looking forward to a fun day 3 beginning tomorrow morning at 9:50 am for our U14s with a game against Partizan and at 10:15 am for our U12s as they meet the Capital Narwhals.