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Update from TPASC (Oct. 9, 2020)

Update from TPASC (October 9, 2020 @3:30pm):

“I am sure you have been watching or listening to the day’s announcements regarding COVID-19 restrictions for the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario. While there will be significant impacts to TPASC as an indoor sports centre, there will be minimal impact to Aquatic offerings at the centre. Your training will be able to continue as scheduled, but we do ask that you increase your vigilance with mask wearing, physical distancing, lane ratios (4-6 per double lane), and preventing any socializing between members of your group. If you participate in a team aquatic sport you will be limited to individual sport activity. While case numbers rise in the GTA we require your continued support regarding protocols.  Any instances of neglecting facility protocols will result in removal of those individuals from the facility and continued negligence will result in the voiding of club training agreements. Thank you in advance for your cooperation during these challenging times.”