Coach: Vlad Novak

Level 3 NCCP – Coaching with the club since 2001

Vlad has been playing water polo in Almaty, Kazakhstan at the age of 10. He continued playing through university where he received a degree in education and coaching. Vlad chose to work with the Shadow Water Polo Club because it is a club that cares about children’s development inside and outside the pool. He also believes in a culture of fair play, hard work. He believes that bringing together families to build a community brings rewards that positively impact all aspects of a child’s life.

“At Shadow we develop the person as well as the team. We try to instill a sense of pride in our members, pride in hard work, pride in developing to the best of their abilities and pride in being a part of a team. Our coaches work together developing programming to ensure growth and development of our athletes on personal as well as a team level.”

“I love water polo, it has been a part of my life for a very long time. I love working with the kids daily and love sharing my knowledge of the sport. As with all the coaches at Shadow, I strive to bring my best to the pool every practice and strive to have my players set both personal and team goals.”