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  • I hereby consent to and authorize Shadow Water Polo Club and its representative(s) to: share information and provide first aid, and/or obtain medical care and services (e.g., contacting EMS/ambulance) as needed using their best judgement for the health and safety of the athlete during Shadow Water Polo Club activities. 
  • There is a potential risk for injury involved in training and participating in the sport of water polo. The Ontario Water Polo Association Incorporated (OWP) and its member clubs have tried to create a safe and controlled environment for participation. The OWP has established rules for participation and conduct that should be followed. Some hazards which may lead to catastrophic situations are: slips on the pool deck or surrounding areas, chlorine leaks, ball injuries and personal body contact injuries, etc.
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  • Consent Provided On (D/M/Y): 03/08/2020